Rome Terminal Station Area Albergo Diurno Fountains of Tivoli

Your train will arrive in Rome at Terminal Station (Stazione di Roma Termini)-a big ultra-modernistic building that's city itself. If you've been rumpled by the ride, then all you need do is walk downstairs to the Albergo Diurno (Day Hotel), where you'll find baths and showers, a barber shop, women's hairdresser, cleaners, many other conceniences. In addition to these facilities, the station has restaurants, money-changers, offices, even a deparment store. The plaza in front of Terminal Station is a starting point for many of the city's bus and trolley lines, and we'll supply a quick summary of them.

To get to the Vatican area (where we'll recommend several hotels), take bus No. 64, which is also marked "San Pietro". The streetcars marked "ES" or "ED" also go to the St. Peter's area. The trolley marked "CD" goes to the Coleosseum; change later to bus. No. 118 for the Baths of Caracalla. At night, the bus marked "Roma-Tivoli" takes you from the plaza of Terminal Station to the illuminated Fountains of Tivoli, a favorite meeting place in Rome.

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