Rome - basic facts about Rome

A vast number of Americans saw "La Dolce Vita" and have ached to get here ever since. They won't be disappointed. The excitement of Rome has an almost physical impact as you step from the train. You immediately know this is a Capital-a pulsating center of creation and activity, whose ideas and tastes are felt round the world.

But keep in mind two very basic facts about Rome. First, this is not a city which can be covered in two or three days of touring. Rome is too large, too varied, too abundant wiht sights. If you're to realize anything from your stay, you must schedule several more days to it than you devoted to other comparable European towns. Second, this is not an easy city in which to keep costs down-although it doesn't approach Paris in respect. Nevertheless, you can be clipped unmercifully if you wander by mistake into the wrong hotel or restaurant.

Picture: Roma: Il Colosseo

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