Montreal Life. Music. Food. Film. Fashion

Montreal waits with mock restraint for the day, the hour, the very moment in time that the city is at last ready to shrug off winter.

As the first ray of sun slips down the glass-enclosed skyline, it bumps along the cobblestones and eventually floods the city in light and warmth. And this, in turn, serves as inspiration for our unabashed ardor to celebrate.

Celebrate the season. Life. Music. Food. Film. Fashion. You. Me. What have you got? We'll put up a sign, cordon off the streets for a week or two, throw a parade, hire a band and happily shake our stuff on to the next party.

Without exaggeration, Montreal is the festival capital of the world. Come summer, you can't make a move without giving yourself over to a festival, street party or celebration of one kind or another.

Of course, being an enlightened cultural metropolis, Montreal offers its visitors an enviable combination of both top-dollar talent and literally free-for-all entertainment that spills out into the streets. What a party. What a summer. What a city.

If this weren't enough, there are all kinds of sights, distractions and permanent attractions to take in. The awesome Olympic Stadium. The sweet-smelling Botanical Garden. The curiosities housed in the Insectarium. The Biodôme de Montreal is also home to a variety of creatures that inhabit the only natural museum of its kind in the world.

And more. Of course.What are you waiting for?

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