Izmir, Sights and local attractions

Population: 2,649,582 (2007)

Altitude: Sea Level

Airport: Adnan Menderes Airport 18 km (11 miles) from city center. The easiest way to get there from Izmir is by the Havas airport shuttle bus from the Turkish Airlines office.

Transfer: Bus, mini bus, taxi

Min / max temperatures in centigrade: Jan 5/12; Feb 4/12; Mar 5/14; Apr 11/19; May 6/24; Jun 20/29; JuI 22/32, Aug 22/32; Sep 19/28; Oct 16/24; Nov 11/18; Dec 8/14 ity transport: taxi, car rental, buses.

Sights and local attractions: several archaeological sights in the vicinity of Izmir, such as Ephesus, Pergamon, Priene, Milet, Didyma, Sardes.

Sightseeing Tours and Excursion:

Ephesus - Mary's House (7 hours - daily)

Visit the shrine of Virgin Mary; St. Paul, Temples, Library, Great Theatre, Stadium, Arceological Museum, Isabey Mosque, Basilica St. John, Temple of Diana. Lunch included.

Pergamon - Aesclapium (7 hours - daily)

Visit Acropolis, Temple of Athena, Library, Royal Palace, Temple of Trojan, Great Theatre, Tempel of Dyonysus, Altar of Zeus, Archaeological and Ethnographical Museum, Ruins of Aesclapium

Priene - Milletus - Didyma (10 hours - daily)

Priene - Theatre, Temple of Athena, Altar of Zeus.
Miletus - Theatre, Byzantine Fortress, Mosque.
Didyma - Temple of Apollo.

Tourism office: Gaziosmanpasa Bulvari 1; Buyuk Efes Oteli Alti

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