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Chicago and Southern Air

Chicago and Southern Air
Kerne Erickson

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Chicago is a gigantic industrial and economic center. Fond of large scale fairs and shows, proud of its tall buildings, it is typicaly American in its delight in anything big - commercial buildings, parks, zoos, conventions. The central business and shopping area is called 'The Loop' for there the city bound elevated trains make a complete circle before heading back in the opposite direction. This district contains most of the department stores and tall office buildings.

Principal sights are the Adler Planetarium and Astronomcal Museum; Art Institute of Chicago; Chicago Academy of Sicences; Chicago Historical Society, Chicago Natural History Museum; Museum of Science and Industry; Oriental Institute; Museum of Contempoprary Art. See the 50 foot high sculpture by Pablo Picasso outside the Civic Center and the huge bronze sculpture by Henry Moore at the University of Chicago. Chicago was the home of Frank Lloyd Wright and boasts 60 of his works. For a small fee, the public can view the Chicago panorama from four of its skyscrapers (Hohn Hancock Center, the Board of Trade Building, Prudential Building, Tribune Towers.). Other points of interest are Buckhingham Fountain, Chinatown, Marina City riverside circular apartment, the graceful French Renaissance Wrigley Building, the blue glass Lake Point Town (70 stories) and the Merchandise Mart. The Union Stock Yards are no longer what they once were, as most cattle are now slaughtered at source. The yards are still, however, the capital of the United States' meat industry and merit a visit. The Wall of Respect in Lawndale, a ghetto community, reflects the Black struggle for power and self respect.

Chicago is justly proud of its 386 public parks. Outstanding are: Grant Park and Jackson; Lincoln Park features a children's zoo; 14 miles west of downtown Chicago is Brookfield Zoo, where animals are exhibited in natural settings. Illinois Beach State Park, about 50 miles north, offers swimming and picnic facilities. O'Hare International, Chicago's major airport, is the country's busiest; 17 miles northwest of center of city. Average travel time about 45 minutes.

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