Budget hotels in Amsterdam - Canals tour

The budget hotels in Amsterdam are like no other on earth. Located primarily in canal houses built 17th and 18th centuries they ride, not. If these buildings are narrow staircases are like a building manager thin edges that require a ramp support. Outside each house, you will see a beam of iron pulley that moves with the roof. For transporting heavy furniture and other items that simply can not be transported up the steep stairs?

But do not let the situation get discouraged stairs, older tourists are always placed on the ground or lower floors, and younger or stronger will focus on the staircase as a tourist attraction!

The first thing to do in Amsterdam? Why is making a tour along the canals and the port of Amsterdam in one of the many canal boats glass walls that run throughout the year in Amsterdam. Are there no better way to see all the essential features of the city, and to see that in one fifteen time. The boats pass by the facades of old patrician houses the Herengracht and the others they go by the District of debauchery Dike, and the point on the famous 15th century Schreier-Storen, where the wives Dutch sailors used tears to say goodbye to their men, they show you the picturesque Brug Skinny on the Amstel, and furniture, hooks above the canal houses, they spend tens of other important sites, and finally, they surf the large port of Amsterdam, cargo increased from exotic lands and past the docks where the ships were huge lifted from the water for cleaning and repairs. Throughout the guides pretty girl-and-mind maintain a commentary on the sights you pass along the path.

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