Amsterdam sidewalk cafes

This activity in the evening (which may also be practiced during the day) is a major activity in Amsterdam and a cheap and convenient, too. No sidewalk will not ask you one more cup of coffee, you are allowed to spend the evening together, as the passing parade in Amsterdam, the two major attractions: the Rembrandtplein and the Leidseplein clock.

Of the two, has the Rembrandtplein a little more activity, and here at sidewalk cafes with their table areas are aligned roughly stable on both sides of the square. On the Leidseplein, the large outdoor cafes which are operated by the American Hotel and modern cafe, but the three most exciting here Hoopman the cellar, Reynders coffee, and coffee Eylders, all three on Leidsedwarsstraat Korte, on the Leidseplein, nearby (but on another small square of) the opera. Among them, the Café Coffee Reynders outstanding student in Amsterdam, the condescension widely Amsterdam version of the Beatnik, with its strikingly beautiful, companion pony tail. Of course, there is no minimum order, no admission to sit for you and to meet people all evening. Eylders Coffee is a little more polite version of Reynders and Hoopman Bodega is a stylish bar a little, sponsored by some elderly. During the winter, continue to make all three areas at full speed, but without the tables on the sidewalk.

Coffee Shop, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Coffee Shop, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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