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Automation in a Camera is here! Zeiss Ikon Contaflex has it!

Contaflex automation lets you concentrate only on the image. You see it full negative size, brilliantly clear, direct through the great Zeiss Tessar f/2.8 lens, with diaphragm wide open. Contaflex automation takes care of all the operations in a fraction of a second.This jewel of a single-lens eye-level 35mm reflex has been the outstanding success of the year. See it at leading dealers. Send for free Contaflex booklet CN13.

CARL ZEISS,INC. 485 Fifth Ave., New York Zeiss Ikon Cameras are precision-made in West Germany

Dilbert Grumman Vintage Travel Advertisement

College graduates who join the new Navy Aviation Officer Candidate Program really have it made. Instead of going through flight schools as cadets, kept single by regulations, they are made ensigns after 4 months of preflight school. For the next 14 months, until they get their wings, they earn $438.58 a month, more if married.

Dilbert never had it that good.

Come to think of it, many a civilian doesn't have it as good either. Figure the retirement pay these ensigns will draw after a mere 20 years. Even if they never get a promotion (impossible, since ensigns make "jg" in 18 months) they'll get $280.00 a month for life. To get the same, you would have to pay $35.00 a month for 20-years worth of $80,000 endowment insurance.

As for travel, glance at George in the picture taken in Jamaica, B.W.I. Still single and only 26, George has already been to London, Paris, Madrid, the French and Italian Rivieras, Rome, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

You get all these benefits and more, plus a $70,000 training to become a professional pilot. In return you will be doing your country a service. For details about AOC and NavCad (only 2 years of college required) write: NavCad, Washington 25, D.C.


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