Adana Sightseeing Tours and Excursion

Population: 1,530,257 (2007)

Altitude: 23 m.

Airport: Adana Airport 4 Km. from city centre.

Transfer: Bus, Taxi

Min/max temperatures in centigrade: Jan 5/14; Feb 6/16; Mar 8/19; Apr 11/23; May 15/28; Jun 19/32; Jul 23/34; Aug 23/35; Sep 19/33; Oct 15/29; Nov 11/23; Dec 7/17

City transport: bus, taxi, mini-bus.

Sights and local attractions: Regional Museum, Etnographic Museum, Karatepe (Hittite) National Park and open air museum (remains of an antique city and citadel), Sayhan dan Lake, antique castles, Grand Mosque.

Sightseeing Tours and Excursion:

1. Korykos (10 hours)

Tarsus, Mersin, Pompeiopolis, Kanlidivane, Castle by the sea, Maiden Castle, Heaven and Hell.

2. Antakya (10 hours)

Crusader Castles, Plain of Issos, Mosaics Museum, First Christian Church.

3. Anavarza and Karatepe (10 hours)

Anavarza shows the ruins of a Roman Byzantine city. Karatepe is a Noe-Hittite site.

Tourism Office: Ataturk Caddesi No: 13 Adana

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