Italian Staples Manzo bollito Pollo alla cacciatora


You'll invariably find, at the start of the menu, a collection of soups including pastina in brodo or tortellini in brodo or some other "in brodo" combination, which merely refer to various types of pasta served in a soup broth. Into it you sprinkle grated cheese, and the resulting combination makes an always satisfying first course.

The spaghetti dishes come next, either al pomodoro (with tomato sauce) or alla Bolognese or con carne (meat sauce) or al vongole (with clam sauce) or, best yet, alla carbonara (cooked in egg, with bits of bacon-delicious). Among the main courses, the term scallopine, followed by various words, always refers to slices of veal, cooked in various ways; while cotolette is almost always a breaded veal cutlet.
Saltimbocca is the famous veal-and-ham dish; bistecca is beefsteakj maiale indicates a pork dish; manzo a beef plate; pollo is chicken; ossobuco is shank of veal; fegato is liver. Among the other items, risotto indicates a rice dish, served alone or with various sauces and cassata is the name for ice-cream-and fruit. Among the adjectival food terms, filetto means filet (like filetto di sogliole-filet of sole); involtini indicates something that is rolled (like involtini di manzo-rolled beef); and salsa or sugo means sauce. Thus, spaghetti al sugo di carne is spaghetti with meat sauce.

Some recurring main courses:
Bracciola alla Milanese (fried veal chop)
Manzo bollito (boiled beef)
Pollo alla cacciatora (stewed chicken)
Spezzatino di manzo (beef stew) Vitello al forno (roast veal)

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