A Greek way of writing the Persian Ksathra or Kshatra. Xerxes I, the great Xerxes, is identical with the AHASUERUS of the Bible.

When Xerxes invaded Greece, he constructed a pontoon bridge across the Dardanelles, which was swept away by the force of tile waves. This so enraged the Persian despot that he "inflicted three hundred lashes on the rebellious sea, and cast chains of iron across it." This story is probably a Greek myth, founded on the peculiar construction of Xerxes' second bridge, which consisted of three hundred boats, lashed by iron chains to two ships serving as supporters.

Another story told of him is that when he reviewed his enormous army before starting for Greece, he wept at the thought of the slaughter about to take place. "Of all this multitude, who shall say how many will return?"

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