Talisman mystery

Talisman (Ar. tilasman, from late Gr. telesma, "mystery")

A charm or magical figure or word, such as the Abraxas, which is cut on metal or stone, under the influence of certain planets; it is supposed to be sympathetic, and to receive an influence from the planets which it communicates to the wearer.

In Arabia, a talisman consisting of a piece of paper, on which are written the names of the Seven Sleepers and their dog, to protect a house from ghosts and demons, is still used. In order to free any place of vermin, a talisman consisting of the figure of the obnoxious animal is made in wax or consecrated metal, in a planetary hour.

He swore that you had robbed his house,
And stole his talismanic louse.

Butler, Hudibras

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