In classic legend, daughter 'of Oedipus by his mother Jocasta, famed for her heroic attachment to her father and brothers. When Oedipus had blinded himself, and was obliged to quit Thebes, Antigone accompanied him, and remained with him till his death, after which she returned to Thebes. Creon, the king, had forbidden any one to bury Polynices, her brother, who had been slain by his elder brother in battle (see Seven Against Thebes under THEBES); but Antigone, in defiance of this prohibition, buried the dead body. Creon shut her up in a vault under ground, where, according to the usual version, she killed herself. Haeman, her lover, killed himself also by her side. She is the heroine of Sophocles' drama Antigone and of Euripides' Suppliants.

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