Santa Fe Town Names officials, employees

More than 200 place names on the system are those of officials, employees or members of their families, ranging from brakemen to presidents. Here are most of them:

Abbyville, Tex. Wife of an official
Abell, Tex. P. T. Abell, director, 1889-91
Alden, Kans. Early-day official, 1881
Allantown, Ariz. Allan Johnson, construction department
Allison, Tex. Robert A. Allison, general manager
Alva, Okla. Attorney
Angell, Ariz. G. W. Angell, early-day superintendent
Anton, Tex. J. F. Anton, superintendent
Archer, Cal. W. Archer, first water service superintendent
Arntz, Ariz. W. P. Arntz, trainmaster, Albuquerque division
Barnard, Kans. J. F. Barnard, general manager, subsidiary
Barnhart, Tex. William Barnhart, right-of-way agent
Barstow, Calif. William Barstow Strong, president
Beal, Cal. Amos M. Beal, superintendent, A&P
Bean, Cal. S. L. Bean, mechanical superintendent
Bellemont, Ariz. In honor of Miss Bella Smith, daughter of F. W. Smith, Ariz. general superintendent in early days
Belva, Okla. Daughter of section foreman, 1894
Betts, Okla. C. E. Betts, general auditor
Bissell, Cal. W. A. Bissell, assistant traffic manager
Bledsoe, Tex. Samuel T. Bledsoe, president
Booker, Tex. B. F. Booker, early locating engineer
Briscoe, Tex. J. B. Briscoe, division superintendent
Bucklin, Mo. Major Bucklin, engineer, subsidiary
Butler, Cal. J. E. Butler, chief dispatcher, 1910
Byrne, Tex. John J. Byrne, assistant passenger-traffic manager
Chalender, Ariz. George T. Chalender, motive-power superin- tendent, 1883
Challis, Tex. Luther C. Challis, one of the founders
Chambers, Ariz. Ed Chambers, vice-president
Chanesa, Tex. For three children of C. W. Kouns, general man- ager, subsidiary
Chase, Kans. An official
Cheney, Kans. Benjamin P. Cheney, director, 1873-1894
Claus, Cal. Claus Spreckels, president of the Valley Road
Clements, Kans. Auditor H. C. Clements
Connell, Kans. J. M. Connell, general passenger agent
Conrad, Okla. Assistant general auditor
Coolidge, Kans. T. Jefferson Coolidge, president
Copeland, Kans. E. L. Copeland, secretary-treasurer
Courtney, Mo. Right-of-way agent
Cruice, Ariz. Fred P. Cruice, assistant general-freight agent
Cuyler, Tex. T. De Witt Cuyler, director
Daze, Ariz. William Daze, road foreman of engines in the '80s
Deerfield, Kans. Early official
Denair, Cal. John Denair, superintendent at Needles, Cal.
Dennison, Ariz. Locating engineer
Doud, Tex. Charles Doud, vice-president and auditor
Drake, Ariz. W. A. Drake, chief engineer, A&P
Dunmoor, N. M. Chief Engineer James Dun and wife. née Moore
Edelstein, Ill. John Edelstein, an employee
Edgerton, Kans. A contractor
Ellinwood, Kans. Capt. J. R. Ellinwood, engineer
Engel, N. M. E. J. Engel, president
Eppler, Tex. H. R. Eppler, construction department
Etter, Tex. W. K. Etter, vice-president
Farnsworth, Tex. H. W. Farnsworth, director
Daze, Ariz. General Manager Wells (First letter changed to avoid confusion with another station)
Fields, Ariz. Billy Fields, brakeman who lost arms in wreck here
Fishel, Cal. H. L. Fishel, construction engineer
Fluhr, Cal. C. G. Fluhr, division superintendent
Follett, Tex. Locating engineer
Forbes, Cal. Conductor John Forbes
Fox, N. M. F. C. Fox, general manager
Franconia, Ariz. Frank Smith, son of F. W. Smith, general super- intendent, A&P
Galivan, Cal. J. B. Galivan, trainmaster, Los Angeles
Gallup, N. M. D. L. Gallup, auditor, A&P, later comptroller, New York
Gaylord, Tex. G. L. Gaylord, director
Gilmore, Tex. Pat Gilmore, assistant superintendent
Gish, Cal. George Gish, train dispatcher, Los Angeles
Gleed, Ariz. Charles S. Gleed, director
Gluck, Tex. A. A. Luck, contractor (G added to avoid con- fusion)
Goodwin, Okla. George L. Goodwin, assistant treasurer
Gower, Mo. Division superintendent
Grants, N. M. Grant Brothers, contractors
Gray, Kans. A. D. Gray, assistant treasurer
Gregg, Cal. Harry Gregory, agent at Fresno
Grier, N. M. Maiden name of official's wife
Griffith, Ariz. A clerk
Hagerman, N. M. J. J. Hagerman, president Pecos Valley & North Eastern, later acquired by the Santa Fe
Harris, Ariz. G. W. Harris, chief engineer
Hawes, Cal. Dave Hawes, conductor
Heaton, Tex. An assistant secretary
Heidenheimer, Tex. S. Heidenheimer, director
Helendale, Cal. Daughter of A. G. Wells, vice-president
Heman, Okla. Conductor F. A. Heman, of first train out of Chicago
Hibbard, Ariz. I. L. Hibbard, general manager
Hillard, Okla. Director
Holbrook, Ariz. H. R. Holbrook, engineer
Holliday, Kans. C. K. Holliday, founder and president
Hunnewell, Kans. Director
Huntoon, Tex. Joel Huntoon, director
Hurley, N. M. J. E. Hurley, general manager
Hutchinson, Kans. C. C. Hutchinson, townsite owner
Jimgrey, Cal. Chief dispatcher, Needles
Johnlane, Tex. J. J. Lanem, traffic manager
Johnson, Kans. A. S. Johnson, land commissioner
Juilliard, Tex. A. D. Juilliard, director
Justin, Tex. Walter Justin Sherman, engineer
Kaster, Ariz. Chief surgeon
Keefe, Okla. J. H. Keefe, vice-president
Kempner, Tex. I. H. Kempner, director
Kenna, N. M. E. D. Kenna, vice-president
Killeen, Tex. Frank P. Killeen, official
Kingman, Ariz. Lewis Kingman, engineer
Krum, Tex. Chas. K. Krum, official
Lamont, Cal. Thos. W. Lamont, director
Larson, Cal. Office employee
Laura, Ill. Daughter of a contractor
Lautz, Tex. H. B. Lautz, general manager
Lehman, Tex. Frank A. Lehman, general manager, Topeka
Lord, Tex. H. C. Lord, president
Louise, Ariz. Daughter of A. G. Wells, vice-president
Love, Ariz. Engineer killed in First World War
Lucy, N. M. Wife of Chief Engineer James Dun
Lupton, Ariz. Geo. W. Lupton, assistant to vice-president
Machovec, Tex. E. E. Machovec, mechanical superintendent
MacKie, Tex. F. J. MacKie, assistant general manager.
Magoun, Tex. George C. Magoun, director
Malott, Cal. Chief clerk
Margaret, Tex. Wife of director
McBride, Tex. Assistant secretary
McClure, Okla. Wife of a director
McConnico, Ariz. Railroad builder
McInnis, Okla. E. E. McInnis, general counsel
McKibben, Tex. J. F. McKibben, auditor
McLellan, Ariz. C. T. McLellan, superintendent, Eastern division
McVay, Ariz. Driller of first well here
Merrick, Kans. R. G. Merrick, assistant freight and traffic man- ager
Mertzon, Tex. M. L. Mertz, treasurer
Morse, Tex. C. A. Morse, chief engineer
Mulvane, Kans. John Mulvane, contractor
Nelson, Ariz. Fred Nelson, division superintendent
Nevin, Ariz. W. G. Nevin, general manager
Nickerson, Kans. Thomas Nickerson, president
Nortonville, Kans. T. L. Norton, Jr., roadmaster
O'Donnell, Tex. T. S. O'Donnell, contractor
Ogg, Tex. O. J. Ogg, division superintendent
Opdyke, Tex. Charles P. Opdyke, director
Otis, N. M. J. E. Otis, director
Parker, Ariz. Earl H. Parker, chief engineer
Partridge, Kans. Maiden name of wife of official
Peabody, Kans. F. H. Peabody, director
Perley, Tex. I. E. Perley, director
Perris, Cal. Fred T. Perris, engineer
Pettibone, Tex. F. G. Pettibone, vice-president and general manager
Pierceville, Kans. Charles W. Pierce, an official
Pomeroy, Tex. S. C. Pomeroy, director
Pritchett, Colo. Dr. Henry S. Pritchett, director
Read, Tex. J. C. Read, purchasing agent
Rich, Cal. Chief dispatcher, Needles
Ripley, Cal. President E. P. Ripley
Robinson, N. M. A. A. Robinson, chief engineer
Rogers, Tex. John D. Rogers, director, GC&SF
Rosenberg, Tex. Henry Rosenberg, president, GC&SF
Saltmarsh, Cal. Col. S. M. Marsh, car accountant and World War I officer
Sanbron, Ariz. Brakeman killed in First World War
Sawyer, Kans. Warren Sawyer, official
Sealy, Tex. George and John Sealy, directors of the GC&SF
Sears, Kans. Thos. Sears, general superintendent, Missouri Division
Seligman, Ariz. F. & W. Seligman. Boston bankers
Shaufler, Tex. E. H. Shaufler, general manager, subsidiary
Shirley, Cal. Wife of stenographer
Silsbee, Tex. N. D. Silsbee, treasurer
Skeen, Tex. J. B. Skeen, valuation engineer
Smyer, Tex. Superintendent C. E. Smyer
Spearville, Kans. Alden Spear, official
Spencer, Kans. Geo. W. Spencer, contractor
Strohm, Okla. C. B. Strohm, superintendent of transportation
Strong City, Kans. Wm. B. Strong, president
Stuart, Cal. E. B. Stuart, agent
Sutton, Kans. Michael Sutton, attorney
Sylvester, Tex. W. W. Sylvester, director, subsidiary
Sylvia, Kans. Wife of President Robinson
Titley, Tex. Bridge and building supervisor
Touzalin, Okla. Director A. E. Touzalin
Trull, Cal. W. B. Trull, agent
Tuttle, Cal. R. H. Tutttle, superintendent at Fresno
Victorville, Cal. J. N. Victor, constructor
Wall, Ariz. H. S. Wall, mechanical superintendent
Wallis, Tex. J. E. Wallis, director, GC&SF
Way, Kans. M. E. Way, agent
Wellman, Tex. A. O. Wellman, assistant treasurer
Wellsville, Kans. D. L. Wells, engineer
Wilder, Kans. Edward Wilder, secretary-treasurer
Willard, N. M. Constructor
Williamsburg, Kans. W. H. Schofield, constructor
Williamsfield, Ill. Contractor
Winslow, Ariz. General E. F. Winslow, president, subsidiary
Wylie, Tex. W. D. Wylie, right-of-way agent, GC&SF

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